Acanthus Studio Roma was born from the need as architects, to share an intimate and personal relationship with the way we think about a project, trying to convey in the most ethical way possible, our idea of ​​beauty and know-how, with particular attention to the way of life, to its desires, to the evolution of time and social customs, where Being has become as important as its need to appear.


The essential parameters as in any of our project's philosophy, are represented by the relationship between aesthetics and functionality, free from the obsession of industrial production cycles, creating space for limited and independent production, where technology and creative thought come together to give birth to a new eclecticism.


It would not have been possible to think of this project outside of Italy, as "Made in Italy" represents not only a way of producing, but above all a way of thinking.


The selection of exceptional materials from all over the world, to the expression of their naturalness, through the use of new technologies and traditional manufacture is at the base of our restless research.


Our design, as the craftsmanship of this country, is the unmistakable result of the passion and tradition of many people, of their constructive refinement, of the time and of the love that we dedicate to this activity, which can be found in every detail of our inimitable work.

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